Strangers With Candy!

Tuesdays at 10/9c on Logo.

Jerri has Syphilis!

Jerri struggles with the guilt of giving Jerrod syphilis.

"We need you to be a spy..."

Chuck asks Jerri to spy on her locker-mate Kimberly.

Mr. Jellineck's bandages come off!

Principal Blackman reveals the hit and run driver.

"Have you met my friend?"

Fran introduces Jerri to Brent and Blackman finds out that his school is closing.

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Full Summary

  1. Set in suburban Flatpoint, USA, Strangers With Candy twists the conventions of the After-School Special to create a completely original comedy series. Each half hour follows the misadventures of Jerri Blank, a 46 year old high school dropout who has spent the last 32 years in and out of prison - a self described "boozer, user and loser." Strangers With Candy commences as Jerri decides to pick up her life exactly where she left it: living at home and starting ninth grade. Faced with classic high school dilemmas every week, Jerri's old habits - as well as the misguided advice of her self-centered teachers - cause her to resolve each crisis by learning the wrong lesson from every scenario.