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Logo goes where everything is bigger! The A-List: Dallas dishes up a Texas-sized serving of larger-than-life personalities and their high-living lifestyles.

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  1. Dallas boys and their gal pal Ashley are back and they're ready to face off for another round of Texas style, over-the-top drama. These friends and frenemies will battle it out as they confront one another about what really happened on and off-camera. Wendy Williams returns to host this outrageous reunion special.


  2. The season may be coming to a close for the A-Listers but the drama definitely continues. Levi is chosen as the face of the gay rodeo and his friends are more than happy to celebrate with him. Especially Chase and Taylor who can't seem to stop fighting! First it was mutual lust for Levi and now it's Taylor's politics, especially after he meets with controversial conservative pundit Ann Coulter. With Levi's big day approaching will he get any attention or will it turn into another all-out boy brawl?


  3. Chase is trying to play it cool but it's obvious he's fallen head over heels for Levi, who still refuses to make their relationship official. Chase decides to take some time apart with the hopes that distance will make Levi's heart grow fonder. Meanwhile, Taylor still hasn't forgiven Chase for stealing his cowboy crush. How low will he go to reclaim what's rightfully his?


  4. Looks like Levi has got his hands full yet again. Combine a needy new boyfriend, an upcoming rodeo competition and Ashley's new charity -- it's a wonder he has any free time at all! Will Chase be able to rope Levi into a full time relationship? Or will he continue to see "date" as nothing more than a four letter word?


  5. Fresh off the heels of his blowout fight with Phillip, James licks his wounds and tries to navigate the aftermath with his friends. However, things don't patch up so easily for James: Ashley won't stop texting him, and he is "dead" to Phillip. Meanwhile, Taylor sees a way to get revenge on Levi and his new boy Chase, and Ashley finds creative inspiration in James' struggles.


  6. All James wants is for his mother to be proud of him. So he decides to stop his partying ways and focus on his new planning. The gang wants to encourage him so they head to Austin for James' first big party. But just because they're in a new city doesn't mean any of the old fights are over. Levi's two timing ways are about to come to an end and Ashley is set on making him and Chase pay for their cheating.


  7. Believe it or not, Phillip has never officially come out to his mother (though he doesn't think his being gay is a huge secret anymore!). To prepare for the big coming out with his mom, he decides to reconnect with someone else first -- his father, whom he hasn't seen for 10 years. Meanwhile, Levi continues to play with Taylor's heart but might be taking it too far when he spends the night with one of Taylor's enemies...Chase!


  8. Levi can't seem to get anything right these days. His relationship with Taylor is on the rocks, the boys are pissed about being kept in the dark about the new couple and after the disastrous photo shoot for his new line, he and Ashley aren't exactly on the best of terms. When Levi decides to trash her photos without telling her, he gains a new enemy who definitely won't back down.


  9. Phillip and Levi have a score to settle after getting pushed in the pool at Chase's party, but Taylor can't be bothered to apologize to anybody - even if it means putting his relationship with Levi at risk. Meanwhile, Levi tries to get his mind off things by focusing his energy on his new underwear and swimsuit line. But will asking Phillip to model kill his new business venture before it's even started?


  10. Relationships are tested and parties are ruined as the drama continues in Dallas. Chase enlists Ashley to help plan his annual theme party and this year's sure to be a splash...if only the boys would learn to behave themselves in public! Taylor and Levi decide to give their relationship a second chance, decide to keep it from the group to avoid meddling, but fail to account for the unfortunate combination of James plus alcohol.


  11. Welcome to Dallas, ya'll! The new A-List series hits the city of bulls, boots, and boys, boys, boys! In this premiere episode, meet our wildly successful Texas A-Listers: Chase, Philip, James, Ashley, Taylor and Levi, who are determined to wrangle anything their heart desires, even if it means stirring up a little drama.


Full Summary

  1. You thought the housewives were desperate, until you met the houseboys of The A-List: New York. Now Logo goes where everything is bigger, including the drama. The A-List: Dallas is dishing up a Texas-sized serving of larger-than-life personalities and their high-living lifestyles. Tag along on a high octane ride fueled by big oil and bigger appetites as these gents and their gal pals kick up their boots for some BIG livin'--Dallas Style. It's Housewives With Balls, Y'all!

Meet the Cast

  1. - Levi made a name for himself as a rodeo star until he was sidelined by an injury. Now, this Stetson hat wearing stud helps run his family's ranch, and has teamed up with friends to launch a line of sexy, swimwear targeted at gay men.

  2. - He's not even thirty, but this powerhouse Christian Gay Republican has already made a near-legendary name for himself in Texas. After working in the capitol city of Austin, he moved to Dallas where he began fundraising for the Republican party. With a resume that boasts the likes of Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry, Taylor can't walk into a room without setting off a few sparks.

  3. - If there's trouble in Dallas, you can bet James is nearby. James struggles with partying too much and he's been in and out of relationships for years, but no matter how big his trust fund is, the one thing he can't seem to attain is love.

  4. - Phillip is a Dallas native who knows the city (and everyone's business) like the back of his hand. It's a good idea to be on Phillip's good side: if you've got skeletons in your closet, he knows about them. Phillip may be the life of the party, but in his personal life it is a sensitive, caring guy who wants nothing more than to fall in love.

  1. - Like birds of a feather that flock together, the gays of Dallas flock to Ashley. This Dallas beauty has blonde hair, a big smile, and miles of attitude. Ashley is caught between two vastly different worlds: the strict conservative world of her family and her other family, the A List gays of Dallas.

  2. - Chase has it all: A great career in finance, an amazing home, good friends, and he's left a string of broken hearts behind him. Chase is highly motivated (he's renovating his home himself), is a serial dater looking for Mr. Right, and is at the top of his game in the career department.


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