Boys Will Be Boys

If you thought the housewives were desperate, wait 'til you meet the houseboys!


The A-List boys are back and after seeing the show, they're ready to face off and reveal what kind of drama has happened since. Hosted by Wendy Williams.

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  1. The A-List boys are back and after seeing the show, they're ready to face off and reveal what kind of drama has happened since. Hosted by Wendy Williams.


  2. The A-List boys vacation in Maine, but with both Austin and Rodiney there, Reichen is in for some major boy drama. Austin can't seem to keep his mouth shut, or his pants on, and the others voice their disapproval of Reichen's relationship.


  3. Reichen faces resistence from the boys when he wants to bring Rodiney to Maine. And with Austin in the mix, his troubles amp up even more. Meanwhile, Mike Ruiz prepares for a gallery show, his first solo exhibit of his celebrity transformation photographs.


  4. The boys of the A-List get physical. When they try to plan a trip to Maine with Reichen, he receives an unexpected visit that thwarts their plans. Meanwhile, Austin's friendship with Reichen deepens but becomes strained when he opens up to him.


  5. The lovebirds of the A-List experience some fireworks of a different kind. While Reichen tries to focus on other sources of income, Rodiney makes a shocking discovery on Reichen's phone. Derek hopes to introduce the man of his dreams to his mother, but things don't go as well as planned. Featuring a cameo appearance by Margaret Cho.


  6. Now that summer's kicking in, the boys are trying to get some much-needed R&R, but tension between Austin and Derek mounts until a heated, venomous battle breaks out. Meanwhile, Reichen learns of some disappointing career news.


  7. The guys form alliances but destroy others just as quickly. Ryan stretches out his hand to Austin but soon regrets it. Austin and Jake pledge their eternal love but it doesn't go quite as smoothly as expected. And Reichen and Rodiney's relationship is... well, just a hot mess.


  8. Austin rekindles the flame with his British lover, Jake, while Reichen sees his relationship with Rodiney beginning to show the strains of moving in together. For our two couples, playing around might be fun, but commitment is serious business.


  9. Our veteran A-Listers are showing the children how it's done. Of course, no forced education comes without battles... Austin, in an attempt to run with the elite crowd, is about to rack up as many personality clashes as he has celebrity exes.


  10. It's a First Class ticket to the top of the social scene, where the view offers an intimate look at the glamorous lives of six ambitious, sexy men at the peak of NYC's gay elite. Reichen prepares for the opening night of his off-Broadway but must make a confession to his boyfriend Rodiney. Meanwhile, Austin is back in town and wastes no time in reclaiming his spot atop the A-List.


Full Summary

  1. If you thought the housewives were desperate, wait 'til you meet the houseboys! Logo's much buzzed about docu-reality series, The A-List: New York, follows members of New York's gay elite plus their families, best girlfriends, and pocket dogs (natch) as they navigate being fabulous in the city. Follow their tangled friendships, rivalries and aspirations as they hop from benefit to beach house to pied-a-terre, dropping serious coin on toys for grown ups all along the way. From the producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The A-List explores the excess and envy of a new population, taking its rightful place alongside the greatest of guilty pleasure television.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Austin returns to New York after a highly publicized breakup from designer Marc Jacobs a year-and-a-half ago. He left New York shortly after, modeling and living in London and Los Angeles. Now Austin is back in NYC to reclaim his spot on the A-List. Last time the paparazzi and gossip columns had a field day with him because of who he was dating. This time, he is braving them alone.

  2. - This southern boy seemed an unlikely candidate for the A-List growing up, but his drive and career in model management has afforded him luxuries people his age only dream about. Derek rubs elbows with celebrities and is seen every night on the party circuit, looking for the right (rich) man, who can match his lifestyle, enabling Derek to retire at 27.

  3. - A celebrity photographer, video director and superstar in his own right, Mike Ruiz' client list is a "who's who" of A-List glitterati: Tyra, Dolly, RuPaul, Beyonce, Justin, 50, Britney and Christina. A fan favorite on "RuPaul's Drag Race," "America's Next Top Model" and "My Life on the D-List," Mike is a legend in the making, one who has become very much a part of the A-List crowd he captures on film.

  4. - Actor, model, author, activist, air force pilot, jewelry designer and one-time winner of CBS' "The Amazing Race," there is little Reichen has not conquered. Though most infamous for being the ex-boyfriend of *NSYNC's Lance Bass, Reichen is in New York to make his Off-Broadway debut.

  1. - Hailing from Brazil, Rodiney has found success as a model in Los Angeles and Miami. He has accompanied his boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkul, to New York, to stake his claim in the modeling capitol of the world.

  2. - A salon owner and beauty expert, Ryan is on the brink of engineering a lifestyle empire. Legally married to his partner, they enter the next phase of their relationship as they pursue adding children to their family, and to their penthouse and summer home, of course.