TRANSform Me

Three ladies who knew the kind of person they wanted to be--and made it happen. Now they're doing it for women everywhere! Watch full episodes.

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  1. Ep. 103 | ‘Episode 3: Carissa’Ep. 103 | ‘Episode 3: Carissa’

    After the birth of her two children, Carissa's fiery sex life with husband Deon suddenly went into a deep freeze. Now our glam squad is out to help Carissa rediscover her inner sexy.

  2. Ep. 102 | ‘Episode 2: Christina’Ep. 102 | ‘Episode 2: Christina’

    Laverne and the girls head south in their Glambulance to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to do some CPR on Christina's shattered inner confidence. After being dumped on Valentine's Day(!), this curvy Latina has totally been robbed of her mojo--and it definitely shows.

  3. Ep. 101 | ‘Episode 1: Nicole’Ep. 101 | ‘Episode 1: Nicole’

    Twenty-five year old Nicole recently lost almost 60 pounds-but you'd never know that by looking at her wardrobe. Many months have passed since her dramatic weight loss, yet she's still wearing her "fat clothes" and feeling like the shy, overweight girl she'd always been.

  4. Ep. 108 | ‘Episode 8: Phaea’Ep. 108 | ‘Episode 8: Phaea’

    As a girl, Phaea was never fashion-conscious. Her hippie mother didn't buy her frilly dresses or teach her how to put on makeup. Now that this 28-year-old Brooklynite is engaged and entering a new phase of her life, she wants to ditch the rolled-up jeans and boxy tees and reveal the sexy sophisticated woman trapped inside.

  5. Ep. 107 | ‘Episode 7: Jackie’Ep. 107 | ‘Episode 7: Jackie’

    Laverne and the girls head deep into the mountains of West Virginia to rescue a hippie-chick named Jackie, who needs to find the courage to step out of her tie-dyed comfort zone and start dressing and acting like the independent 25-year-old woman she longs to be.

  6. Ep. 106 | ‘Episode 6: Tiffany’Ep. 106 | ‘Episode 6: Tiffany’

    Tiffany was once a fashionable, extroverted young woman who aspired to be a successful jazz singer-until a fire badly burned her arms and legs, leaving her feeling insecure and afraid to show her body. Tiffany is ready to start living again, and with just days to go before a performance, our glam squad will have to use all their makeover powers to get Tiffany looking and feeling like the woman she once was.

  7. Ep. 105 | ‘Episode 5: Lindsey’Ep. 105 | ‘Episode 5: Lindsey’

    Ever since high school, 24-year-old Lindsey has been hiding her curvy body behind hugely oversized pants she makes out of children's sheets. As she gets ready to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary, she feels the time is right to finally shed her neon-and-glitter "club kid" look and become more sophisticated.

  8. Ep. 104 | ‘Episode 4: Marlece’Ep. 104 | ‘Episode 4: Marlece’

    Marlece is only 24-but she acts more like she's 44! With two jobs, school and a 4-year-old son, this single mom has been denying herself all the fun a 20-something is supposed to have. Hopefully she can recapture her inner youth.

Full Summary

  1. TRANSform Me is a makeover show in which a team of three transgender women, led by the inimitable Laverne Cox (I Want To Work For Diddy), rescues women from personal style purgatory. Laverne and her ultra-glam partners in crime have undergone the ultimate transformation, so they're the perfect women for the job.

    They'll travel the country in their tricked out fashion ambulance, siren blaring, and swoop into scenes of fashion disaster. They'll not only make women look better but feel a whole lot better about themselves. It's about discovering one's inner personal style.

    Laverne and the girls will cruise from boutiques to beauty salons in search of just the right look. And they won't pull any punches with their subjects--or each other!

    Each episode of TRANSform Me will cover the makeover of one woman who's written to the show asking for help. The subject expects to be made over for a reality show--but she doesn't know it's going to be by three transgender women.

    Laverne and the girls then show up at the woman's home unexpectedly--like a transgender SWAT team! After everyone gets over the surprise, the ladies begin probing the woman's style and personality. Laverne and Co. may argue over the right course of action. They may push the woman way out of her comfort zone. But one thing's for sure: These ladies will get the job done.

    Along the way, they'll be delivering a heaping helping of fashion tips and how-to information that anyone can use.

    And at the end of each mission: a big reveal moment filled with tears, laughter and some serious OMGs. Then they hop in their fashion ambulance, and it's on to the next style crisis.

    TRANSform Me. Three ladies who knew the kind of person they wanted to be--and made it happen. Now they're doing it for women everywhere!