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We're all born just the way we are - it's what we do with it that counts.

I'm a Gay Athlete

Stereotypes bite the dust when these athletes hit the field.

I Want To Be Straight

But if you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?

I Have A Fetish

It's only weird if you want it to be.

I'm A Sugar Baby

What if you didn't have to choose between love and money?

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  1. Ep. | ‘I'm Looking for My Child’Ep. | ‘I'm Looking for My Child’

    What's it like to be a complete stranger to your own child? To be removed from their life with no contact whatsoever, left with nothing but a heavy heart that aches to be a parent. On this episode of True Life, you'll meet two young men desperate to find their long lost daughters and become fathers again. Joey and Sara had turbulent relationship battling drug and alcohol abuse long before they found out they were going to have a baby together. Unprepared to cope with the responsibilities of fatherhood, Joey ended his relationship and joined the Army after the birth of his daughter, Charity. When he was discharged, Joey came home to pick up the broken pieces of the life he left behind by maintaining his sobriety and caring for the toddler he never got to know. Upon his return, Joey quickly learned that Sara cut off all ties, and now he has no way of getting in contact with her, as well as his daughter. Will Joey be able to find his daughter and prove to his ex that he can be the father he yearns to be? John unexpectantly became a father at 16. Happy to have a daughter, yet blindsided by the problems teen parenthood can bring to a relationship, he decided to break up with his girlfriend Egypt. Since their breakup, Egypt kept communication and visitations to a minimum, and eventually stopped returning his calls and texts altogether. They live in the same town and know the same people, yet John has no way of seeing his daughter. His only choice now is to take legal action. Will John win his case and get his daughter back in his life?

  2. Ep. | ‘I'm a Fanboy’Ep. | ‘I'm a Fanboy’

    At some point or another, most of us fall in love with a work of pop culture -- a movie, a video game, or maybe a comic book character. But if your enthusiasm goes over the edge and becomes all-consuming, then you're probably a fanboy. In this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young people whose passion for their geeked-out hobbies is so intense, it's completely taken over their lives. Jason is zealous about Power Rangers. But his infatuation with a children's show is such a turnoff to women that he's never had a girlfriend. Now he's met his dream girl -- someone who's just as into Power Rangers as he is. Can Jason find the courage to turn their mutual obsession into his first-ever relationship? Travis hopes someday to escape his warehouse job and make it as a horror film director. But he's intimidated by his talented younger brother, who already is making popular movie shorts on the Internet and often makes fun of Travis' insecurities. Can Travis ignore his brother's negativity and finally make his first horror flick? Joy is addicted to the videogame, World of Warcraft, often spending more than 40 hours a week in an online fantasy world. But she's dating a guy who thinks the game is for losers. Will Joy give up her addiction to make the relationship work -- or will she ultimately choose fantasy over reality? They eat, sleep and breathe their fandom. Will this devotion help them achieve their goals -- or just get in the way? Find out next on True Life: I'm a Fanboy. BLOG TEASE: To see full cuts of Travis' movies, check out our blog at true life dot mtv dot com.

  3. Ep. | ‘I'm in an Interfaith Relationship’Ep. | ‘I'm in an Interfaith Relationship’

    There are few things young people find more important than their religions or their significant others. But how do you make a relationship work when the person you love doesn't share your creed? On this episode of True Life, you'll meet two couples struggling to hold on to their affections -- while still holding on to their different faiths. Jasmin was raised a Jehova's witness and her husband Travis is a Lutheran. But Travis isn't comfortable with Jasmin's religion -- and wants her to practice his. Will Jasmin be willing to convert to make Travis happy -- or will she remain true to herself and risk tearing their relationship apart? Sasha and Ira are newlyweds and have just found out they're expecting a baby. But since Ira is Jewish and Sasha is Christian -- they now must decide what faith their child will be. Can Ira and Sasha find a compromise -- or will their different backgrounds lead to conflict? It's hard enough to maintain a relationship when you're both of the same religion. What happens when you're not? Find out on True Life: I'm in an Interfaith Relationship.

  4. Ep. | ‘I Have a Parent in Prison’Ep. | ‘I Have a Parent in Prison’

    What's it like to have your mother or father incarcerated for years before you finally see them on the outside again? That's often the reality facing the more than X million Americans now growing up with parents in prison. On this episode of True Life, you'll meet two young people trying to forge new relationships with the folks they've never really known. From the time he was born, Austin has only interacted with his Dad as an inmate. Now, on the eve of Austin's 16th birthday, his father is being released and eager to build a relationship with his son. Austin is understandably wary of the man he's never spent time with outside the confines of a jailhouse visitor's room. Will he allow his Dad to assume the role of father figure or will Austin erect new emotional barriers to replace the prison walls that separated the two for so many years? After his mother and father were sent to jail, Pe'Andre has had to fend for himself from the time he was barely a teen. To get by, Pe'Andre dealt drugs and ended up in a jail cell on more than one occasion himself. Now, Pe'Andre is convinced he can stay clean if he learns to forgive the father whom he hasn't spoken to in nearly 15 years. Will the support of Pe'Andre's newly-freed Mother give him the courage to visit his Dad and finally make peace with his painful past? Their worlds have been forever altered by parents who were locked away for years. Will reuniting with them lead to healing, or only more hurt? Find out next on True Life: I Have a Parent in Prison.

  5. Ep. | ‘I'm a Newlywed’Ep. | ‘I'm a Newlywed’

    Imagine making a pledge to live the rest of your life with a person you've never spent a night with. While most young people co-habitate before tying the knot, on this episode of True Life, you'll meet two couples who are waiting to share their beds and their homes until after they've exchanged "I do's." Laura Beth and Brett are not only delaying having sex until they get married - they are holding off having their first kiss until the wedding ceremony itself. The duo is thrilled to experience the unbridled freedoms that come with newlywed life -- but once the novelty in the bedroom wears off -- will they find that they're still compatible when they're together every day? Erica and Will have been in a long distance relationship for the past four years. Now, they're getting married and Erica is moving 600 miles away from home to live with Will. Erica is concerned that she and Will have very different ways of keeping house and managing money. Can they figure out a way to accept each other for better or for worse? They're getting married without the benefit of a test run. Will their leap of faith pay off? Find out next on True Life: I'm a Newlywed.

Full Summary

  1. This weekly documentary series looks at the lives and concerns of MTV's Viewers. The series includes a diverse mix of fun reports on pop cultural trends, hard hitting pieces on breaking news issues, and continued coverage on matters relating to health, sex, spirituality, sex, money, drugs, and sex as well.

    Since its initial episode in 1998, MTV's award-winning True Life documentary series has told remarkable real-life stories of young people and the unusual subcultures they inhabit. Whether documenting the lives of gay marriage activists, individuals dealing with obesity, or teens in high school--the True Life series tells its stories solely from the varied voices and points-of-view of its characters--putting the series in the unique position of reflecting the state of youth culture at any given moment.