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Watch Now: WHAT!?: Animisim

These people love...well, not people but cars, bridges and more!

Watch Now: WHAT!?: Living Dolls

Watch what happens when playing with dolls becomes...more than that.

Watch Now: WHAT!?: Bronies

Never come between a man and his mini Twilight Sparkle plush toy with princess crown and golden slippers.

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  1. We're really not in Kansas anymore. WHAT!? Logo Documentaries explore unusual worlds, people, and experiences outside the everyday and sometimes outside our comfort zone. It's a riveting peek behind the curtain exploring hidden worlds where unusual and fascinating individuals break new ground every day. The "WHAT!?" factor derives sometimes from fascination, and sometimes from outrage, at times joyous, at times raucous, always outside the ordinary, and never boring.

    This season meet people who live large and the folks who love them, then discover a community in touch with their inner animal. Find out why the super rich are obsessed with super tiny animals, go behind the scenes of the breast cancer fundraising industry, and meet the most hated family in America.