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Step outside your comfort zone with our newest Logo Docs.

Logo Presents: 'Teenage Exorcist'

Teenage girls travel across the world to perform exorcisms on troubled souls.

Logo Presents: 'I'm A Stripper (3)'

There's more to strippers than could ever be shown on stage.

Logo Presents: 'I'm A Stripper (2)'

They are extremely sexy but they also have stunning backgrounds.

Logo Presents: 'The Gay Lives Of Straight Guys'

These straight guys are defying stereotypes in this expose about a growing trend.

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  1. We're really not in Kansas anymore. Logo Presents Documentaries explore unusual worlds, people, and experiences outside the everyday and sometimes outside our comfort zone. It's a riveting peek behind the curtain exploring hidden worlds where unusual and fascinating individuals break new ground every day. The "WHAT!?" factor derives sometimes from fascination, and sometimes from outrage, at times joyous, at times raucous, always outside the ordinary, and never boring.