NewNowNext 2009 Year in Review

Top 5 Outrageous RuPaul Moments

RuPaul's Drag put the pedal to the metal in 2009, speeding onto the pop culture landscape. Before the starting flag is dropped for Season 2, dress yourself in Courage! Uniqueness! Nerve! and Talent!

Top 5 Ridiculous Jeffery & Cole Moments

Coming straight to Logo from the internets, Jeffery and Cole have infected us with subversive mayhem. Add one part jazz, one part Sigorney Weaver and one part old show queens and what do you have? A tasty Jeffery & Cole Casserole.

Top 5 Sexy & Catty Gimme Sugar: Miami Moments

What's sexy, catty, scantily clad and in Miami? The Women of Gimme Sugar: Miami take hot drama to new heights in these unforgettable clips.

NewNowNext Music Best of 2009

Looking for buzzworthy indie tunes? With NewNowNext Music you have hit the mother load! These top 20 music videos will keep you ahead of the curve. Rock and roll has never been this good.

2009 Best Of Logo Series

  1. The year’s biggest headlines? We got ‘em! Our resident smart-mouths are sounding off! Stand back!

  2. 2009 was the year of "RuPaul's Drag Race!" Get ready to "lip-synch for your life" in 2010 with Season 2!

  3. Wild and witty Internet phenoms Jeffery and Cole crossed over to TV in 2009. Get infected by the mayhem!

  1. Direct from Miami, the women of Gimme Sugar delivered dramas and divas. Sexy? Yes! Catty? Meow! Full of lesbian lust? Check it!

  2. The second annual NewNowNext Awards did not disappoint. And we have it in all of its sparkly, spastic and celeb-tastic glory!

  3. What happens when bad girls turn really bad? All hell breaks loose! Women in prison have never been this vicious.

2009 Best Of Logo Movies, Music and More

  1. High school has never been sexier! Or this gleeful! We all should have been schooled like this!

  2. What happens when our favorite supermodel, RuPaul, goes undercover as a street hooker to save her naughty niece? Outrageous!

  3. Who knew that five friends in New York City could cause all this drama? What do they say? 30 is the new twenty?

  1. Provincetown is one of the top gay summer resorts on the planet. Watch how it exploded into an arty, sexy gay mecca.

  2. Emerging filmmakers tell their heartfelt, personal, and sometimes insane stories from our favorite short films of 2009.

  3. Where to go for your next getaway? TripOut Gay Travel gives us their top 5 picks. Sexy, sultry, sizzling travel awaits: Bon voyage!

  1. From Miss Gaga herself to out gay Idol darling Adam Lambert, these 20 videos are the hottest tracks that pop music served up in 2009.

  2. All year NewNowNext Music brought you the best in buzzworthy indie tunes. Here is our Top 20 NewNowNext Music videos of 2009. Rock out!

  3. You voted. We have 2009's top 20 indie, pop, rock and hip-hop music videos (with gay leanings, of course!). Hey, it's Total Request Gay!

More Year End Fun

  1. See the hottest moments from your fave VH1 shows, check out the year's best music and catch up on the gossip that kept us gabbing in 2009.

  2. Watch the most talked-about music, shows, movies and moments that defined pop-culture in 2009.