2014 Logo Trailblazers

From YouTubers to Tweeters, we're honoring Trailblazers who are making an impact in the online community one tweet, post, or vlog at a time. Vote for your favorite social media creator now, and we'll announce the winners during 'Trailblazers', airing on LogoTV on June 26th at 9/8c.

  1. Gigi is a YouTube activist who came into the scene back in 2008 with her video 'Gregory Gorgeous' Makeup Routine'. In 2013, Gigi came out as a transgender woman through her video 'I Am Transgender'. The video currently has over one million views. Go to Gigi Gorgeous' YouTube Channel.

  2. Adam is the co-founder of the NOH8 Campaign. Launched in 2008 as an effort to promote the overturn of Proposition 8, NOH8 has gained the support from millions of people including celebrities like Josh Hutcherson, Idina Menzel and Pauley Perrette. Go to NOH8's offical website.

  3. Arielle is the best friend you've always wanted. This self-described 'lesbian Jiminy Cricket' shares her personal experiences and gives advice on dating, relationships and sex to all her fans across the internet. Go to Arielle Scarcella's YouTube Channel.

  4. Dannielle and Kristin are the co-founders of Everyone Is Gay. Most recently they were named as one of 2014 Top Ten LGBT-activists to follow on Twitter by Mashable. Their organization works to improve the lives of LGBTQ youth. Go to Everyone Is Gay's offical website.

  5. The creator of the hilarious YouTube series 'My Drunk Kitchen', Hannah is one of YouTube's most recognizable faces. She has welcomed the world into her kitchen with a grilled cheese, a bottle of wine and a big smile. Go to Hannah Hart's YouTube Channel.

  6. It only took nine seconds to launch this teenage social creator. When Lohanthony is not 'Calling All The Basic Bitches', this sassy star shares his love for pop culture to his 1.35M Twitter followers and 1M YouTube fans. Go to Lohanthony's YouTube Channel.

  7. Adorable vlogging boyfriends and internet sensations Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote caught the eyes of over one million people with their popular 'Awkward Kissing' video back in 2013. Most recently they set the Guinness World Record for most selfies taken in an hour. Go to Mark and Ethan's YouTube Channel.

  8. Miles Jai's YouTube channel, MilesJaiProductions, is among one of the top subscribed LGBTQ-themed channels. His most popular video 'Like Mah Status' has over 11M views. Miles never fails to make his fans laugh with his improv sketches, parodies and 'beauty tutorials'. Go to Miles Jai's YouTube Channel.

  9. Troye came out publicly on YouTube to his two millions fans back in 2013. This Australian actor and internet star chose YouTube as his coming out platform not only because he considers his followers as 'real, genuine friends' but also in the hope of providing comfort for others in the YouTube LGBTQ community. Go to Troye Sivan's YouTube Channel.

  10. Tyler is not just an internet star with over 4.5 Million YouTube subscribers. He's an advocate for LGBTQ youth and supports The Trevor Project. In 2014, he raised over $525K for The Trevor Project by simply activating his fans. Go to Tyler Oakley's YouTube Channel.