• Season 8, Ep 5 · Highlight

Snatch Game: Part 2

The Queens continue to crack up their supermodel judges with their Snatch Game characters.

04/05/2016 · 7:39

- [laughs]

[exciting game show music]

- Welcome back to Snatch Game.

Here's how the game works.

I ask a question,and you give an answer

that you think will matchour supermodel contestants.

- [giggles]

- First question.Gigi Hadid.

There's a new dating appfor drag queens.

When you join,

the first question they askis, "How big is your blank?"

Let's go to Gigi Hadid.

- How big is your wig?

- I love that!

Let's go to our superstars

and find outif you got any matches.

- Okay.

- Let's start with Kimmy Jong-un

from North Korea.

The first questionthey ask is, "How big is your"?

- I wrote downweapons of ass destruction.

- Weapons of ass destruction.

Not a match.[laughing] I--yeah.

Well, thank you,the unbreakable Kimmy Jong-un.

Ms. Eartha Kitt.

- Well, I'm sorry, Gigi...


But I said,"Big furry balls."

- How big is your bigfurry balls?

- Honey, get your mindout of the gutter.

- Of course.

[laughing]- [purring]

- Prosecutor Nancy Grace.

- Well, as everybody knows,not only do I do newscasting,

but I also was on another showwhere I danced.

So I said, "How bigare your bunions?"

- What do you do for bunions?

- Well, I was toldyou can get 'em shaved off.

That's what they do.I'm about to get that done.

- All right.Sorry, Gigi.

Not a match.

Let's move on toTiffany "New York" Pollard.

- How big is your clock?

- Because drag queenslove a big-ass clock, right?

[feeble laughter]

- Ru seems to be throwing Naomievery bone she can find.

- Do you like a big clock,yourself?

- But this dog won't catch.

- Chanel Iman.

It's your turn now, darling.

The big bad wolfis a drag queen.

Instead of huffing,and puffing,

and blowing,

she blanks the house down.

- Shakes?

- She gonna shakethe house down.

Shake that ass.

- Mm.

- All right, well,let's go to our celebrities

and find outif you've got a match.

Let's startwith Latoya's brother,

Michael Jackson.

- I just said,"Takes a long nap

in a bedwith everyone they know."

- Michael, that's crazy.- Thank you.


- Mm-hmm.

- Let's move ondown to Diana Vreeland.

- I used to workfor "Vogue" magazine.

But I heard that now"Vogue" means a dance.

So I think they voguethe house down.

- Girl.This performance is poo.

And you're from the same townas Jinkx and Dela?

Ooh, girl.Them girls is gonna--

I was about to saythey gonna hang you,

but I ain't gonna say that.


- Eartha Kitt.

Instead of huffing, puffingand blowing,

she blanks the house down.

- She licks the house.

- Ooh.Licks the house down.

- And speaking of lick,it's time for my bath.

- What?Oh, you--


- [giggles]


- Ha, ha.That's what cats do.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Eartha Kittdidn't do that, Chi Chi.

- Let's move on downto Britney Jean.

- She reads the house down.

- That's not a match,unfortunately, Chanel Iman.

But has Eartha Kittgot your tongue?

- I've had that tongue before.

- You have?- Good girls gone bad.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You should dothat one more time.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I would be verypopular in prison.


- All right.Crazy Eyes.

- Because you pretty,I just wrote a poem...

- Yeah.- To Iman.

A-Once a queen named Iman

remind me of the Sun.

Instead of hersupermodel life,

She can be...

my wife.


- Unfortunately, Chanel,that is not a match.

Next question.

Let's go to Gigi Hadid.

Lady Bunny has an unusual wayof celebrating gay pride.

Instead of the rainbow flag,

she hangs her blankout the window.

- Her tucking panties.

- Let's go to the kingof pop and hear

if you have a match.

- Oh, Ru.It's not a match,

but I said, "She wavesher blanket."

Say "Hi."- Oh, hi, Blanket.

- Hi, Blanket.Hi, hi. Bye-bye.

- Oh, please be careful.You don't want Blanket to fall.

No.- Oh, thank you.

- Yes.

- [scatting]

- Moving on downto Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

- When I think of Pride,I think of...my hair.

So I said $800 weave?

- That's an $800 weave?

- Well, of course.Blended.

- Yes.- Yes.

- Naomi's "New York"?

- I'm sorry, Gigi.

You didn't geta match this time.

Maybe next time.

Well, look who's here.

- I'm sorrythat I'm late.

But, uh, Uzo Abu-booleft the stage

and she asked meif I would fill in.

- Ladies and Gentlemen,Carol Channing.

- Oh, thank you.


- All right.Chanel Iman.

Sally the Supermodel

is so lactose intolerant,

when the photographersays, "cheese," she blanks.

- Sneezes.- She sneezes!

Let's go down to Nancy Grace.

- She sends out an Amber Alert.

- Nancy Grace is terrible.

- It's importantto keep the children

safe from the boozers

and the usersand the reefer smokers.

- It's lifeless.

It's basically Acid Bettyturned into Boring Betty.

- Let's move on downto Britney Spears,

the princess of pop.

- She, "Oops.

I did it again."

- Ahh.- [giggles]

- Do you meanbetween me down there?

- She had diarrhea.


- All right,let's move on to Diana Vreeland.

- I've worked with Sallyfor so long.

She pops a pill, RuPaul.

She pops a pill.

- There is so much talkabout drugs.

I have-haven't takenanything but Lipitor

for the past ten years.

You don't reallyget a buzz off of that.

- Now, is there an anal option?

- I might happen to have a Fleetor two in my home.

- A Fleet enema.

Now you're talkin'my language.

- If you stay ready,you ain't got to get ready.

By the way, Eartha,

I didn't knowthat was you down there.

- It's me, darling.- From here,

I couldn't tell if you wereDella Reese or Luther Vandross.

I couldn't see.

These aren't evenmy good glasses.

But back tothe matter at hand.

I just wrote "corn".

- That's always a good answer.- You know, there's no dairy.

And it comes out the wayyou put it in, RuPaul.

- Well, listen.On that note, I am sorry, folks,

but we are well out of time.

It was a reallyclose game,

but the winner is...

[drum roll]


[record scratches]

- [screaming]

[lively music]

She won!

- I win!- You won!

She won!

- [screaming]

- [laughs]


Coming up...

- You were so good.- Amazing.

- It was just a failall the way around.

- Ooh, child.

- [laughs]