• Season 8, Ep 7

Sneak Peek: Shady Politics

Are the boys of The Pit Crew Tops or Bottoms? Find out in this first look at next week's all new episode of 'Drag Race', and catch the whole show Monday at 10/9c.

04/15/2016 · 7:34

[smooth music]

- Oh,

no more chicken wings.

- That was an emotional one.

This has beensuch a rocky road for me.

I know there's at least three queens

in the room that want to see me go home.



- You broke down,girl, at the end.

- That monologue.- You were like,

"Oh, my God, thank youfor the Academy Award."

- You don't understandhow long it was.

- This is the mostemotional roller coaster

I've ever been on.

It's such a struggle

for me to bearound such creative people.

And it just crumbled downon me today.

And I'm like, "I know the'I'm a slave for you' dance."


I'm so sorry.


May I leave the stage now?


- Chi Chi,how are you feeling?

You got emotionalon the runway today too.

- It's just hard when yourhard work doesn't come across.

I feel like you guysdon't look at me

as if I'm trying hard enough,

when it's not that.

- Chi Chi will never recoverfrom this bad decision.

I will never forget thatshe wasted our time yesterday.

- I just feel misunderstood.

- Clearly,Chi Chi is the next to go

and Derrick's the next to go.

- Oh, man.

- Either one of them, who cares?

They're the next to go.

[dramatic music]

[car engine starts] - ♪ RuPaul Drag Race

- The winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race"

receives a one-year supply

of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics

and a cash prize of $100,000.

With extra special guest judges

Thomas Robertsand Miss Vivica A. Fox.

- ♪ RuPaul Drag Race

- ♪ May the best woman

♪ Best woman win

- ♪ Give your sister what she needs now ♪

- Yes!

- Ooh!

- We're notin Kansas anymore.

- [laughs]

[siren wails]- Whoo, girl.

- She done already donehad herses.

Hey, racers.

- Hey, girl.- Hi.

- Good queens finish last,

but shady queens rule the world,

so if you ain't got nothingnice to say about somebody,

take out an ad.

- This was paid for by citizensagainst Lady Bunny.

- Yes!- [laughs]

- Hello, hello, hello.

- Hi.

- Ladies,for a little morale boost,

I've invited some company.

- [gasps]

- Oh, Pit Crew.

Oh, look, they broughttheir bunk buddies...

- Hi, guys.- Oh!

- And designer Andrew Christian.

- Hi.- Hello there.

Ladies, America'snext drag superstar

needs to use her intuition

to make important decisions

in the blinkof a false eyelash.

Now, this is how we do it.

I share a fun fact about oneof our Andrew Christian models,

and then you determineif he prefers the top

or the bottom...- [gasps]

- Bunk.I'm talking bunk here, ladies.

There's a giant bunk bedright there, okay?


And the queen who getsthe most matches wins.

First up, Derrick Barry.

"The Golden Girl" characterJason most identifies

with is Blanche Devereaux.

- I would say bottom.- All right.

Get on down there, Jason.

- Peter prefers his coffeeblack.

- Oh.

- I will put him on the top.

- Hips don't lie.

Corey's favorite music artistis Britney Spears.

- Oh.Bottom.

- That bottom is so crowded.

All right, Derrick,

we will show you your resultsin a moment.

Kim Chi.

All right, now Jason number two.

- Hello.- Is that an Australian accent?

- It is.- Oh. Are you from Perth?

You have Perth-onality?- No.

- No.[laughter]

All right,Jason's favorite exercise

is chest press.

- I'm gonna go with top bunkfor this one.

- Go on over.Look at me, look at me.

- Naomi, Murray's favorite movieis "Little Mermaid."

- Bottom bunk?

- I'll drink to that.

All right, Miles'

spirit animal is Nicole Richie.

- I'm gonna say top bunk.

- I'm gonna put Mileson the top bunk.

- Bottom bunk.- Okay.


Make room for Miles.

Welcome back, ladies.

Now let's debunkall the rumors.

Boys, show usyour bunk preference, please.

[laughter]- Ex-squeeze me?

Just one topin all of West Hollywood?

[laughter]My goodness.

All right, the winnerof today's mini challenge is...

Derrick Barry.

- I won.[cheers and applause]

- You've won a prize package

from Casper mattressesvalued at $2,000.

- Yes.

- And for our hungry viewers,

we're posting photos ofour bunk buddies at logotv.com.

- Bye!

- Ladies, now, thisbeing an election year,

I'm throwing your wigsinto the ring

as the first drag president

of these United Statesof America.

[cheers and applause]- All right.

- For this week'smaxi challenge,

you'll be working in pairs

to create your ownpresidential campaign ads.

You need to bothpromote yourself

and smear your opponent.


- [laughs]

- Now, I polled the judgesto figure out

who's your number onepolitical adversary.

The first raceis Thorgy Thor

versus Chi Chi DeVayne.

- Ooh.[laughs]

- Oh, [bleep].

This bitch just read mefor filth on the runway.

- The next is Kim Chi

versus Naomi Smalls.

- [laughs]

- And that leavesDerrick Barry

versus Bob The Drag Queen.

- [bleep].It's [bleep] Derrick Barry.

He's so easily offended.

So now I have a challenge

where I have to make jokesabout Derrick.

I'm like, "Is he gonnaflip out on me again?"

- Gentlemen,start your engines,

and maythe shadiest politician win.

- All right,let's do it.

- [bleep].

- So I get paired with Chi Chi

because I called Chi Chi's assout last week on the runway,

but I'm happy to work with Chi Chi

'cause I will outshine her.


My funny thing is thatI'm actually a terrible tyrant.

I immediately was like,

[trilling tongue]

"Oh! Oh!

Ooh, this is gonna be fun."

And I wrote 30 pages.

"Ads may be no longerthan 45 seconds."


I have so much material.

I don't want to leaveany of it out.

- Damn, Thorgy.

Like, you justgot too much going on.

You've got to edit, edit, edit.

- This is goingto be impossible.

- Coming up...

- Go for it,and give it all you got.

- America's drag presidentis signing up for--

- Cut.You can play this one up.

- What a fat ass.- More forcefully.

- [growling]

- Okay.

- [laughing]