• Season 8, Ep 7 · Highlight

Kim Chi For President

She's here. She's queer. She's running for President!

04/18/2016 · 0:46

- Hi, I'm Kim Chi,

and you want meas your first drag president.

Naomi Smalls saysbeauty is pain,

but is she aware ofthe consequences of her actions?

America is a kitchenthat needs a strong chef

and never trust a skinny cook.

Small body, small mind.

She thinks she'sthe skinniest queen,

but her waist is 22 inches.

What a fat ass.

Shady gays believe in no fats,

no fems, and no Asians.

As someone who isall of the above,

I understand your pain.

My name is Kim Chi,

and say hello to yellow.

This ad was paidout of my own pocket

because no one cares.

Do you?