• Season 8, Ep 7 · Highlight

Naomi For President

Does Naomi Smalls have what it takes to rock your vote?

04/18/2016 · 0:45

- Beauty is pain,

and I believe Americaneeds to toughen up.

A president needs to beable to carry herself.

How is Kim Chi gonna do that

when she can't evenwalk in heels?

- [laughing]

- America's first drag president

must give speeches, interviews,and debates.

It's gonna be hardto understand Kim Chi

when you're dodging salivathrough that strong lisp.

When I'm elected, there will beno more parking tickets,

and officers will be trained togive free injectable cosmetics.

Free Restylane for all!

I'm Naomi Smalls, and I promiseto represent you fiercely.

- This ad was paid forby citizens

against non-lacefront wigs.