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Thorgy Thor For President

Watch Thorgy Thor's entire Presidential commericial.

04/18/2016 · 1:06

Hello, good Americans.

My name is Thorgy Thor,

and I need your vote to becomethe first drag queen president

of the United States of America.

You need somebody you can trust.

I've never told a lie,and I'm not about to begin now.

This is my real hair.

My opponent Chi Chi DeVayne

once drank too many wine coolersin college,

and she threw up on the floor.

Now she visitsrecovering addicts

and feeds food to the homeless.

I'm not buying it.

Chi Chi's hand alwaysgoes straight for the bottle.

My top priority is health care.

That's why I'm sendinga very expensive bottle

of champagneto every home in America.

Cheers to your health and mine.



Thorgy Thor for president,

because I'm more powerfulthan you.

- Hmm.

- [laughs]- All right.


- Let's startwith your runway look.

It's not the most glamorous lookon the runway.

I think you looklike a dead Boy George.

- I was very entertainedby your character.

I thought it wasa little Joan Crawford,