• Season 8, Ep 7 · Highlight

Derrick Barry For President

Does she have what it takes to fillibuster your ballot box?

04/18/2016 · 0:53

- Think Derrick Barry

because this fairythinks fairly.

As a Las Vegas local,

I'm comfortable takinga gamble with your money.

However, Bob is only comfortablestealing from defenseless people

on the mean streetsof New York City.

- [cackles]

- I'm a very traditional woman.

However, Bob spends his timedropping acid

with his friend Betty

and engaging in orgieswith his friend Thorgy.

I'm gonna spend my time

incorporating drag 101 classes

in schools across America.

However, Bob visitssick children in the hospital,

and instead ofmaking them laugh,

he laughs at them.

- [laughing]

- Who is Bob,

and what is he hiding?

- [cackles]

- This ad was paid forby Chad Michaels,

All Stars Winner,celebrity female impersonator

of the world.[laughter]