• Season 8, Ep 7 · Highlight

Chi Chi Devayne For President

Because she's better than that clown Thorgy Thor.

04/18/2016 · 1:10

I'm Chi Chi DeVayne,

and I approvethis message, girl.

I'm Chi Chi DeVayne,

and I should beyour next drag president

because I'm real, chill,

and my makeup don't peel.

But my opponent Thorgy Thoris always caught looking

like she worksfor children's parties.

Do you really want a clownrunning your country?

I think not.

Meanwhile, I'm working to ensure

that every Americanhas a pot to piss in

and a window to throw it out.

And in that same pot,

there'll be chitlinsboiling for all.

Thorgy want Americato walk around

with horrible hip padsthat resemble Peggy Bundy.

Who wants to walk aroundwith a FUPA?

America says,"Not me, Thorgy Thor."

- This message has been paid for

by citizens who like to eatrare and unusual animal parts.

- Oh![laughter]


I really lovethis sassy character.

However, your smear campaign,

you could've drug her ass

through the muda whole lot more

is all I'm gonnareally tell you.

- The look was a bitshocking to me.

You're a drag queen president.

I didn't feel like there was any"zjooshing" up.