Utterly Shameless Sexy Videos: The Guys

These hot men got the goods and love to show it off! They're utterly shameless, and we can't get enough of them. Watch these men flaunt their bodies and reveal some intimate stories in this sizzling collection of videos.

Bare (Sexy Confessions)
These sexy gay men bare all...their thoughts and emotions. From first experiences to coming out, hear these hotties' most intimate confessions.
Bare: Sports
These buff hotties know what it takes to maintain their physiques. Hear them divulge their workout secrets! Or just watch!
Bare: Style
These hot hardbodies talk about what they like to wear over their muscles.
Bare: Scene
Not only do these guys like to work out hard, they like to play hard too!
Sexy Bits for Men
Catch some random sexiness. Whether they're dancing at clubs, modeling underwear, or at photoshoots in the showers, these guys have got the goods and aren't shy about it!
Sexy Men (Gay Short Films)
Hot, male cast members galore - these shorts are surprisingly good with the sound off!
Sexy Men in Music
These men can strut their goods and play with hot men all while belting out a tune. Who knew multitasking could be so sexy?
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