Florida Law Firm Steps In To Marry Gay Couples After County Clerks Refuse: Today In Gay

After court clerks in more than a dozen Florida counties declared they would stop officiating weddings altogether rather than marry same-sex couples, a Jacksonville law firm stepped in.

But Plata Schott Attorneys at Law aren't suing anyone—Starting January 9, attorneys Shannon Schott and Belkis Plata will marry any couple in their office for $30, the same price they’d pay at the courthouse.

“[Gay couples] had a difficult time for years as it is, getting their relationships acknowledged," says Plata, whose offices are just a few blocks from the courthouse. "Now that they’ve had this huge victory... they’re being shut down somewhere else. We want to help them as much as we can."

As to the clerks who have stood against marriage equality, Plata has little patience: "It doesn't matter what our personal beliefs are. We've all had friends who have been in relationships we don't agree with, but who are we to say who they be with or not be with? If it's the law, you have to follow it."

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 2.46.47 PMLast week the first gay couple got married at the British Embassy in the Dominican Republic. Now officials in the country are underscoring that the marriage will not be recognized in the Caribbean.

The unnamed coupled were married on the the embassy’s grounds, which is technically British soil.

 The Foreign Service says it will continue to host weddings for gay Brits at some 25 embassies globally, despite any protests from host nations.

Katherine Patrick , the 25-year-old  daughter of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, is engaged to her girlfriend, Alisha Marie Lemieux, 21.

Governor Patrick announced the engagement on Friday, calling it 'joyful' news.

In 2004, three years before Patrick took office, Massachusetts became the first state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage.

Lloyd died in 1998—only four years after Wilde was imprisoned for committing "gross indecency” with other men—and there have long been rumors of a conspiracy, suicide or coverup connected to her death.

Wilde's descendant Merlin Holland and medical researcher Ashley Robins told the Lancet, however, they believe Lloyd died from undiagnosed multiple sclerosis: “According to the unpublished correspondence of Constance and her brother, her 9-year illness was characterized by widespread pains, right-lleg weakness, tremor of the right arm, profound fatigue and a left facial paralysis," they wrote.

"A likely diagnosis is multiple sclerosis of the relapsing-remitting type that subsequently developed into secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.”

Holland says he believes the news "will put Constance to rest, poor thing.”

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