23 RuPaul GIFs to Improve Your Text Life

Possibly the greatest achievement of the modern world is the ability to text using GIFs, those little moving pictures that have become so popular on the internet.Not only are they a powerful communicative tool, but they're also just about the most fun thing ever.

Honestly, we barely even use words in our chats anymore; if it can be said with a GIF of RuPaul, then why say it any other way?! Ain't nobody got time to type! It's exhausting and drab.

Let's spice up our text lives. Let's serve some SMS glamour. Let's say it all with RuPaul!

Here are 23 useful Ru GIFs that will give your text messages LIFE!

1. When you've got some good T to spill:


2. And they respond with details you didn't know:


3. When you're asked how your date was, and you enjoyed yourself thoroughly:

4. When you're asked how your date was and you didn't get laid:

5. When you find out that your rival will be at the function you're attending:


6. And you promise your host that you will not cause a scene:

7. When you're drunk on a holiday and you group message the squad to let them know that you care:

8. Or you get a similar text from a number you don't recognize; but hey, you're drunk and it's the holidays:

9. When a suitor sends nudes and it's so, so good:

10. When a suitor sends nudes and you're not impressed, but you are polite:

11. When you get a first-time-up-in-drag selfie and you want to be supportive:

12. So you offer some motherly advice:

13. When you've declined an invitation because you're busy eating a whole pizza and watching Netflix:

14. When they inevitably judge, but you're not ashamed:

15. When your significant other asks you to stop at the store, but you're almost home:

16. And they request one last thing, but you've just checked out:

17. When your slutty friend starts go-go dancing because they "need the money":

18. And three weeks later when someone sends you a link to their porn debut:

19. When you're about to ask for a favor, and you want to butter someone up:

20. But they reject your plea and it's fine (but not really):

21. When someone breaks up with you via text, but you didn't really like them anyway:

22. Then they text you to hit it one last time, but you can't be bothered:

23. And finally, when someone asks for advice, there's honestly only one GIF to send:

Thanks to RuPaul and technology, your text messages are officially turned out!

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