Ranking Every Co-Host Of "The View," From Best To Worst

The good, the bad, and the Hasselbeck.

When The View debuted on ABC on August 11, 1997, it ushered in a new era of TV talk shows, and created a template that many have tried to emulate.

From it's earliest days with den mother Barbara Walters, the show has become infamous for backstage drama, questionable opinions and a revolving door of "permanent" co-hosts—but it's managed to survive for nearly two decades in an increasingly competitive media landscape. (And gave us some epic showdowns.)

Before The View begins its 20th season on September 6, we're ranking all the show's hosts from worst to best.

Don't agree with our list? Vote up or down and change the rankings of any host in real time.

The View: 20 Years In the Making airs Tuesday, August 23, at 10pm.

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