Madame Gandhi Serves Spacey Queer Realness in "See Me Thru" Video

The out singer-songwriter is a "delightful badass," according to Tegan and Sara.

You might not know Madame Gandhi yet, but you're going to want to add this "delightful badass" to your current playlist ASAP.

On Tuesday morning, the Los Angeles-based queer synth-pop singer, accomplished drummer, and unapologetic feminist released a new music video for "See Me Thru," an R&B-inspired track off of her 2019 EP, Visions.

Madame Gandhi/YouTube

The video sees Madame Gandhi, née Kiran Gandhi, drum, dance, and sing along in her finest mod attire. Her jam sesh is spliced together with some sensual dance numbers from Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine, the real-life queer couple who also co-directed the video.

In a statement, the "Top Knot Turn Up" singer said she intentionally kept Ti and Catherine clothed to "avoid the pornographic context in which nude female bodies often exist."

Madame Gandhi/YouTube

"I wanted to depict a sincere and deep love, and provide an alternative portrayal of queer femme love that is often shown in a vulgar or oversexualized way," she added. "I wanted to celebrate the nuances of touch—the moment where you lock eyes with someone and realize you’re in love with them, the push-and-pull that often encompasses the phases of a relationship."

Hey, if "See Me Thru" got the Quin sisters' coveted seal-of-approval, then it's got ours, too.

Watch the full music video for "See Me Thru" below.

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