Jason Collins, Greg Louganis Leading Out Athletes In Indiana Protest During Final Four


Olympic diving gold medalist Greg Louganis and former NBA star Jason Collins, the first American athlete to come out while active in a major sports league, will be among many prominent gay athletes who'll protest the Religious Freedom Restoration Act during the Final Four championship in Indianapolis this weekend.

The athletes join countless major organizations — many in the sporting world — which have come out publicly in opposition of the new anti-gay law, which allows business to refuse service to LGBTs based on their religious beliefs.

ABC News repots that protests will happen in the form of press conferences, during which athletes will speak about the new law.

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"It should be totally repealed," Louganis said on the ESPN podcast "Capital Games" earlier this week. "Everybody should feel embraced. And I feel that the majority of the populace of Indiana do embrace all people. I felt very embraced. ... They've been so wonderful. This is just so contrary to my feelings of Indiana people."

The "Capital Games" episode also featured commentary from NCAA president Mark Emmert, who explained how the law would affect the Indianapolis-based organization.

"I'm anxiously awaiting whatever clarification that the legislature can bring forward to this bill so we can really know what it means and what it doesn't mean," said Emmert. "As it becomes better understood, we're going to have to sit down and make judgments about whether or not it changes the environment for us doing our work and for us holding events."

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While many organizations have threatened to reconsider doing business in Indiana over RFRA, at least one company has already put their money where their mouth is.

Angie's List, a user-review site for local businesses nationwide, has already announced the halt of a planned $40 million expansion in the state.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard addressed concerns about how the new law would affect visitors to the city during the Final Four championship this weekend. After the city's official website received a super-gay makeover Monday, he announced that "all are welcome in Indy."

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