7 Ways All The Season of "American Horror Story" Could Be Connected

Last week Ryan Murphy confirmed that all four seasons of American Horror Story are connected—something we'd suspected once we saw Pepper appear in Freak Show. (And something Murphy had previously denied.)

But how will they line up? With ghosts, aliens, psychics and witches in the mix, almost anything is possible, but we've mapped out seven theories that could link one season to another. (AHS is a sprawling series, so be gentle when pointing out inconsistencies and errors.)

Know another way the AHS web could be woven together? Share in the comments below.

1. Pepper

Suspicions that there was at least some kind of link between seasons were confirmed when Naomi Grossman, a.k.a. everyone's favorite pinhead, was announced as part of the Freak Show cast.

In Asylum, we learned Pepper was committed for killing her baby nephew, but she later tells Dr. Arden she was innocent: "When my sister's husband drowned her baby and sliced his ears off, he told everyone I did it ... That's how it works for us freaks, we get blamed for everything.”

In Freak Show, we see Pepper with Salty, another microecephalitic. We could potentially see the freakish duo commit the murder that gets Pepper sent to Briarcliff —or perhaps witness the real murderer.

2. Sister Mary Eunice

We know Sister Mary Eunice from Asylum is also making an appearance on Freak Show. Will she encounter Pepper? Could she be involved in the murder of Pepper's nephew?

Or perhaps we'll see an early flicker of the demon bitch from hell she later turns into.

3. Freak Show's Bette and Dot Tatler and Asylum's Lana Winters

Bette and Dot have already fantasized about what'd it be like if they were separated. What if it actually happened, and the surviving twin reinvents herself as intrepid reporter Lana Winters.

Lana and Dot have similar demeanors, and when Lana meets Pepper at Briarcliff, there's almost a flicker of recognition. What if Lana wanted to abort her baby because she was afraid it would be a freak like she once was?

4. Coven's Mimi Delongpre and Murder House's Constance Langdon

In Murder House, after Constance has adopted baby Michael, she tells the ladies at the beauty parlor that he was the son of her distance cousins in Virginia, Steve and Eveline Delongpre. The name of the one of Fiona's predecessors as Supreme in Coven was Mimi Delongpre.

Could the witch bitch and the neighbor from hell be connected in some way?

5. Murder House's Thaddeus and Freak Show's Meep the Geek

Actor Ben Woolf played both Season One's monster child a.k.a. the Infantata and Season Four's sideshow attraction, Meep the Geek.

We saw Meep wrongly killed for Twisty's crimes—could his spirit wind up in the Murder House?

6. Freak Show's Dandy Mott and Asylum's Bloody Face

We've seen Dandy Mott transform from a impotent brat into a legit killer, but we've yet to see what his final fate is. Perhaps at some point over the next decade Dandy encounters a young Dr. Thredson and encouraged his murderous side—much like Twisty helped unleash Dandy's homicidal tendencies.

7. Murder House's Nora and Charles Montgomery and Coven's Madison Montgomery

 Nora and Charles Montgomery

Charles and Nora Montgomery, the original Murder House owners, had only child, Thaddeus, and he was turned into an undead monster, the Infantata. But that doesn't mean Madison couldn't have sprung up from some other branch of the twisted Montgomery family tree.