Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Sauli Koskinen Break Up

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That's right, Lambert fans. Adam Lambert and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen have reportedly split up. Lambert told South Florida Gay News that the relationship had been on its way out for the last few months. No word on who officially ended it, but you'd have to be crazy to break up with Adam Lambert, right?

Lambert said that he's still on good terms with his ex-boyfriend. “Sauli and I remain really good friends, and I know it’s a cliché thing to say. But it’s totally true,” he said. “I just gave him a coffee and bagel earlier today. He’s a great person and we’ve had an amazing couple of years together. Things have just run their course." Aww. We wouldn't expect anything less from you, Adam.

And this does mean he's on the market again. We wouldn't mind being his rebound.

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