Out Soccer Player Robbie Rogers Appears In New Commercial For Target

"How do ya like it?"

Openly gay soccer star Robbie Rogers is featured in a new ad campaign for Target's recently launched clothing line, Goodfellow & Co.

The L.A. Galaxy player expressed his excitement over the commercial in a recent Instagram post, promising to share some of his favorite items from the line over the next few weeks.

Rogers came out of the closet in 2013 and shares a son with TV producer Greg Berlanti, whom he got engaged to last year.

According to OutSports, the new ad is playing during NFL Sunday football, an added bonus in Target's push for equality.

The retail giant is already known for its massive support of the LGBT community, recently installing gender-neutral, single-stall bathrooms in all of its locations and announcing earlier this year that it would be introducing a gender-neutral clothing line for kids.

Check out the new Target ad below.