Google Home Recognizes Gay Dads in New Ad

With its new campaign Google Home recognize multiple voices in more ways than one.

Google wants to be in every home in America, which is likely why they're including diverse families in their newest campaign for Google Home's multiple user-recognition capabilities. Powered by Google Assistant, the program responds to users' questions or requests and can differentiate one person's voice from another, even in a family of two dads. Technology!


In the new 33-second ad "Carpool," gay dads Ross and Alex ask Google Home for some intel on traffic, their schedules and other intel, so they can decide who will take their two adorable kids to school. (spoiler: It's Ross!)

Google has a history of being LGBT-friendly, but including same-sex parents in everyday household scenarios sets a great precedent.

In the past, Google has created a virtual reality Pride experience, included gay men in its ads for Google Goals, featured trans men in Google Business marketing and allowed users to make their own Pride map.

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