"Top Model" Hunk Nyle DiMarco Comes Out As Sexually Fluid

Our prayers have been answered!

Given how thirst we are for America’s Next Top Model hottie Nyle DiMarco, we can't believe we missed this: In a recent Twitter exchange, ANTM's first deaf contestant revealed he considers himself sexually fluid.

Asked by German fan Kike Garces if he was into "boys or girls?," the 26-year-old looker responded "fluid," and linked to an article on Everyday Feminism about how sexual fluidity fits into the LGBT spectrum.

The tweet came after a recent episode featuring Nyle's good friend Brittany, who some viewers assumed was an ex-girlfriend.

Before you start labeling DiMarco as a flip-flopper or closet case, consider Everyday Feminism author Jarune Uwujaren's words:

"Trying to goad a sexually fluid person into 'picking a side' or 'choosing a label' is as backwards as trying to convince a content gay man that he should 'try' women to understand whether or not he’s really gay."

America’s Next Top Model airs Fridays at 9pm on The CW.