The Ex-Lesbian Who Said Going Vegan Cured Her Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

"She was inconsistent in her diet and spiritual life," says Mari Lopez's niece.

Mari Lopez, an "ex-lesbian" YouTuber who claimed her faith and a plant-based diet "cured" her of breast cancer, has died from the disease.

Lopez and her niece Liz Johnson launched the "Mari and Liz" YouTube channel in 2015 to showcase Christianity, raw veganism, and juicing as cures for cancer. The channel amassed more than 12,000 subscribers and a million views total.

"It’s over, it is done with, I am healed," Lopez said of her illness in one video. "I feel it in my spirit and in my body."

She also claimed she used to "live a gay lifestyle" but after finding God chose to abandon lesbianism.

Mari Lopez/YouTube

Last year Lopez's cancer returned and spread to her blood, liver, and lungs. By the time she decided to pursue chemotherapy, though, the cancer was too aggressive.

In a video posted this month, Johnson revealed her aunt died in December.

Liz & Mari/YouTube

She claims Lopez succumbed to her illness because she was "inconsistent in her diet and spiritual life" and did not continue juicing and a raw vegan diet when the cancer returned. Lopez's choice to renounce homosexuality "had nothing to do with her juicing, but everything to do with her faith," Johnson added. (Comments and embeds on the video were disabled.)

The American Cancer Society warns patients to be skeptical of such cure-alls.

"Claims that a treatment can cure all cancers or that it can cure cancer and other difficult-to-treat diseases—including chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS—are sure to be false."

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