Alyssa Edwards Officiated The "Space Cowboy" Wedding Of Our Gay Dreams

"I, Alyssa Edwards, and one million tongue pops later, now pronounce you two man and man."

What could be better than marrying the love of your life in front of an audience of your closest family and friends? The answer is having Alyssa Edwards officiate the ceremony, of course.

That's exactly the dream wedding that Dallas fashion designers Robbie Richard and Neil Marek had when they got hitched at a dude ranch in Texas last weekend.

The ceremony had a space cowboy theme, with the dress code described as "club kid western wear." The grooms designed their own wedding suits and Alyssa's outfit for the big day.

"She popped out of a cake and everything," one of the guests shared on Reddit. "I wasn’t allowed to take too many photos because they were filming for Alyssa’s new show, but it was honestly an extravagant evening."

Filming for Alyssa's new show? Are we finally going to get the Beyond Belief reality series about Alyssa and her dance studio that the world so desperately needs? We can only pray.

"Honestly the whole night was very gay and I lived for the whole thing," the guest added. "There were ponies, neon, candles, a riding bull and it was costume mandatory so everyone turned looks.”

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