Yes, Kevin Keller and Moose Will Be a Couple on “Riverdale” Season 3

Koose? Mevin?

The second season finale of Riverdale contained an emotionally-charged kiss between Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) and Moose (Cody Kearsley), as the two characters finally start to lock lips in other places besides darkened forests and riversides.

In a new interview with TV Line, Cott revealed that Kevin and Moose will keep the sparks flying, and will be a couple when the show returns in the fall:

"We are dating in Season 3. It's fun to start off with that, and explore that with Moose," Cott says in the Comic Con interview. "The actor who plays Moose is the best, so I love working with him."

Cott also reveals that his first kiss of the season is in the school hallway, but Moose pushes him off because he's still closeted. We are here for Koose—or Mevin?—but this is Riverdale so there is no such thing as an uncomplicated relationship, and we are sure Kevin and Moose will hit some road bumps before the first half of the season is over.

This Koose news, and the new Season 3 preview—featuring babies being dangled over a fire?—has us counting the days until October 10 when we will be reunited with Archie and the gang for new episodes of the dark teen drama.

Check out the twisted trailer for the new season below.

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