Is Ariana Grande The New Justin Bieber? The Arianators Sure Think So

Justin Bieber is the hottest thing in pop music these days, and has been for some time, but it seems like the Canadian phenom may have some competition from an unlikely source -- former Nickelodeon star and current pop goddess Ariana Grande.

At least if the Arianators have anything to say about it.

The Arianators are the new Beliebers you see, a group so strong that after Miss Grade released her latest single, "Baby I," the hashtag “#BuyBabyIOnITunes” quickly trended on Twitter, and fans rushed to purchase her song on iTunes. And it worked, too. One Direction, who right now are arguably even bigger than Bieber, currently have 2,119 positive fan ratings on iTunes. Ariana? 4,116 positive ratings.

So get ready for the new girl in school friends, and watch your backs pop stars. It seems those Ariantors are dedicated to making their girl the biggest thing ever.

Girl power is back.

And for those who are not familiar with Miss Grande, watch her and Mac Miller perform their single "The Way" above.

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