Warning: Gay Dudes Have Infiltrated College Dorms, Says NOM

Left-wing liberal looney toons have a well-documented history of corrupting young minds at the undergraduate level. After just one semester, unwitting parents are horrified to discover that leftist indoctrination camps have armed students with terms like "genetically modified organisms" and "deductive reasoning," as well as an affinity for Ron Paul and cannabis.

But did you know that there are far more sinister happenings afoot? Gay resident advisors are forcing your young people to accept gay people as human beings deserving of equal rights.

Intelligent person Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of NOM's highly-respected Ruth Institute explains how to save your college co-ed from "the things that they're doing" before it's too late:

...The other side has RAs in the dorm where your young people are going to school. There’s no TV message that is going to do the job of countering that type of influence. Somebody’s got to be there talking to young people, one at a time, in the places where they’re hanging out and doing the things that they’re doing. There is no mass-media strategy by itself that will solve this problem.


This holiday season, when your young people come home from college, ask them about this. Ask them if they have a gay RA in their dorms, because as I’ve talked to other people about this, a lot of them have said, “Gosh, now that you mention it, my daughter was in a dorm, even at a Christian college, where she had a gay RA.”

So, please, talk to your young people about this and see what kind of pressure they may be under that maybe they don't even realize how much it's having an impact.

Hear that, parents? Your young people could be under so much pressure that they don't even know how much pressure they're under. Yikes. Scary stuff. Act now to stop your young person from thinking.

Next thing you know, gays will want to be United States senators.

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