Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims Announces Campaign For Congress

The election cycle just got a lot more interesting

Last week he announced an exploratory committee, and today out Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims has formally announced his run for Congress.

From his campaign video:

“At its core the American story is a quest for justice. Its first scene written right here in Philadelphia. Its chapters are many, and each yielded a stronger definition of justice. It’s a quest that continues today. We face blatant racism on the presidential stage, hatred spun as faith, discrimination in the workplace, and bloodshed in our streets. I haven’t walked in everyone’s shoes, but I’ve logged enough miles in my own to know I’ll never back down. It’s why I began studying as a teenager to become a civil rights lawyer, why I’ve stood up for those in need, why I ran for the legislature beholden to none, so I would be bound to represent all. It’s what gave me the courage to share my own story. No one will fight harder for justice in the eyes of the law, and respect in the minds of our leaders. Working together we can redefine justice once again.”

Brian is the first openly gay person elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and will run for Pennsylvania’s heavily democratic 2nd Congressional District, against 11-term incumbent Chaka Fattah, who is currently under indictment.