Oregon Man Arrested for Threatening to Bomb HIV-Positive Gay Neighbors

Scott Wayne Smith allegedly threatened to “kill all you people.”

An Oregon man allegedly threatened to bomb a residence for people living with HIV/AIDS, CBS affiliate KOIN reports.

Scott Wayne Smith, who is said to have used a homophobic slur against two residents of Hopewell Apartments in Portland, has been charged with one count of intimidation.

Smith, who has been living in a trailer on a friend’s property near Hopewell Apartments for the last two months, had reportedly been harassing its gay residents for weeks. He also allegedly threatened to “kill all you people.”

A Hopewell resident tells police that “he was afraid, did not feel safe with the neighbor living so close, and that he believed that Smith would do what he said.”

Smith pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge and is currently in custody.

A Portland man was arrested last month after allegedly punching a transgender woman in what appears to be a hate crime. Another Portland man was caught on camera harassing a married lesbian couple.

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