Matt Bomer Covers His Junk, Sir Ian and Keegan Hirst Do Pride, Ricky Martin's Shirtless Backup Dancers: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Plus: Buzz busts Keahu, Ryan Kelley is a pig, and more.

Happy belated anniversary to Neil and David. May your marriage always make you feel the wonder you're showing in this moment

There were no celebrities when I went to the fair

Making a friend at the fair ?❤️?

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The whole caption won't fit here, but I highly encourage you to click through and read it. Maybe send it to someone who is struggling. Rugby players are tough, but sensitive

It's funny how you can go through so much with someone but feel you have to hide it due to it not being deemed 'normal'....even in today's society! My guy @lorenzo_uk ❤️ has played a huge part in my life and as grateful as I am for all the support shown by people worldwide..... Nothing beats the support he has shown me and I couldn't be without him. Finding that someone who you would do anything for and who also makes life worthwhile is so incredibly satisfying! I really hope people still in the situation I was in not long ago, can find the strength to be themselves and live an honest and open life. You owe it to yourself to #betrue Perceptions need to change and my wish is that one day, in our world, being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or whatever isn't an issue at all! #family #lovewins #betruetoyourself #gay #straight #lesbian #bisexual #transgender

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Those thighs. Jonathan is a lucky man

Buzz does not approve

Buzz Lightyear doesn't miss anything. damn it. #thatonetimeatdisneyland

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Sir Ian, Keegan Hirst and Antony celebrate Pride

Me, Our Gandalf and Our Keegs #lads

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It took me a minute to process RJ, and then I felt second hand embarrassment

It looks like shrinkage hit his whole body

I like my magicians hot and naked

Well, I think they need a new gay love interest on the show

I love Cher. She distills politics so perfectly

Simon Dunn hit Pride with his teammates on the bobsled team, which is pretty cool

Then he hit up the parties and lost his shirt, which would be more remarkable if he was actually wearing a shirt. Bless his aversion to covering that furry chest

I've been waiting for this: An out popstar leading with hot shirtless male dancers. It's less common than it should be

It seems like we've gone all summer with no shirtless shots of Wilson this year

Matt's junk should never be covered

The only love that can put up with Oliver Queen

Everybody is being silly, yet Jack is still giving us smolder

Matt has a sense of humor

Really, they should just rename the trashy network and go with it

The porn parody writes itself

She'd be safer in her daddy's massive arms

What is up with all the celebrity paddleboarding lately?

Olly Alexander made sure the crowd knew that Neil Amin-Smith was his boyfriend at his concert in Jersey

I was pretty pleased with my Gingerbread. What did your state get?

Hello, Luke! Glad you're enjoying Mykonos. Who is your beefy affectionate companion?

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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