15 Things You Need To Do Before The End Of Summer

Because, sorry folks, it's about that time.

And just like that, the September issue of Vogue is on the newsstands, the cute new bathing suits are getting stuffed into the back corner of the underwear drawer and the puffy winter coats are coming out of the vacuum storage bags to crowd your closet.

But don't rip your summer dreams at the seams just yet. There are still a few days left to enjoy, dammit. You've just got to know how to use them.

Here's a list of 15 things you need to do before your last moments of summer are buried in a tidal wave of pumpkin spice-flavored everything:

Get the hell out of your house.

The tail end of the summer can feel really sleepy and lazy. But when the snow-pocalypse really has you holed up indoors, you'll have visions of farmer's markets and park benches dancing in your head.

Get the hell out of town.

It really doesn't matter where you go. Visit family, visit friends, visit Ikea. Just crank up the Carly Rae and don't turn back until you're past the city limits.

Soak up the sun.

Most people in northeastern America are woefully deficient in vitamin D–making them more prone to cancer and bone disease. Seriously. Your body can actually store up enough vitamin D to get you through the winter. But not if you're inside watching Netflix.

Stay inside and watch Netflix.

Okay, okay. You really should enjoy the outdoors. But everything in moderation. So prove how moderate you are by mainlining Stranger Things for a weekend.

Wear your popsicle fashion statement one last time.

Even if you aren't standing in front of a freezer you can still stay cool all day by wearing this cool treat on your sleeve. Throw the shirt on one last time before you become a walking popsicle in a few months.

Fake your way through a day of work.

Summer is high-time for half-stepping. Everyone's mind is elsewhere from 9 to 5–including your boss. Open a safety browser for emergencies, log into Facebook and start looking busy-ish.

Spend the afternoon on a pool float like a queen.

Put your adult beverage in the cup holder and soak up the sun feeling like royalty.

Show off your summer body getting out of a pool.

Your winter vampire-flesh will look back with pride.

Get your summer fling to toss your summer body around in a pool.

Cristal Connors will look back with pride.

Perfect your Lemonade choreography.

Because Beyoncé dance moves aren't nearly as fun when you're dressed in a parka.

Grab a farewell cocktail at that swanky rooftop bar.

You know the place: pretentious crowd, absurd line, completely overpriced. But just grit your teeth, get there at the magic hour, look like you can afford what you're drinking and get someone to tag you in the picture. The Insta envy will keep you warm for months.

Fill up on milkshakes.

The last thing you want in frigid February is an ice cold milkshake, so suck them down now while you can. If you find yourself in New York make sure to try the insane Black Tap milkshakes that everyone is losing their minds over.

On second thought, drink everything in blended ice form.

Juice slush. Coffee slush. Cocktail slush. The cold of winter cannot touch you if you've turned your insides to ice.

Have a profile picture photo session.

Now is the hour: you can still wear a tank top. Your skin is still glowing. The sun has not yet sunken into doomsday darkness. Stock up on some summery beauty shots for rotation on your location-based dating app of choice.

Go Pokemon hunting.

Pokemon Go has been all the craze this summer but no one likes searching for Squirtles in the dead of winter. Stock up now so you your Pokedex will be full through the cold months ahead.