Man Sues OKCupid After Getting Bilked For $70,000 By Online "Boyfriend"

Online dating is like shooting catfish in a barrel—Just ask Michael Picciano, a 65-year-old Queens man suing OKCupid after he was taken for a costly ride by a potential paramour.

Picciano is casting some litigious side-eye at the "best free dating site on Earth" and its parent company, IAC, after the ironically named "genuineguy62" (real name: the equally dubious Bruce Thompson), bilked him of some $70,000.

After a month of phone calls, Skype chats and emails, Picciano apparently "felt comfortable" enough with his virtual romeo that he agreed to send him $24,000 “for unexpected fees he incurred in his dealings setting up a new computer-parts business."

Nevermind that Thompson requested the money to be sent to a “Dennis E. Racer” (seriously?) in Addison, Texas, and an “Edmond Thebeau” (really though...seriously?) in Canada. The following month, after Picciano forwarded another $46,420 to “MacBenson and Associates” in the UK, he finally caught on to the scam. He's alerted the cops and filed suit against OKCupid in Manhattan civil court.

He claims the dating site failed to conduct “even minimal screening of its subscribers and therefore deceptively creating the impression that their dating service was safe, when in fact... [it] was a trap for the unwary."

And Thompson is still out there trolling for other gullible tail—under the username "bigheartedbt," Picciano alleges.

We have trouble getting a guy to buy us a drink, let alone lend us tens of thousands of dollars for a shady business venture. Perhaps Picciano is the guilty one here—guilty of loving too much. Let's just hope his next romance—no doubt with a nice Nigerian prince he met via email— turns out better.

h/t: New York Post

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