Same-Sex Ballroom Dancing Takes Center Stage In Documentary "Hot To Trot"

"Where personal passion meets political muscle."

A new documentary is shining a light on the same-sex couples who are quietly taking over the country's current ballroom-dancing renaissance.

Hot to Trot is a 90-minute feature documentary that follows the overlapping stories of several dancers as they train and compete for events like the 2014 Gay Games, the international equivalent of the Olympics for the LGBT community.

The film takes a look at the unique challenges facing same-sex ballroom dancers, including getting rid of the idea of a "guy's part" and a "girl's part" when it comes to assigning roles.


The stars of the documentary let the audience into their personal lives, with one discussing his past battle with a crystal meth addiction and another revealing how struggling with her sexuality almost made her suicidal.

Producers hope that the current interest in ballroom dancing will help the film appeal to a wide audience, making it a "catalyst for new understanding, attitudes and action."

Watch the trailer for Hot to Trot below.

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