Howard Stern Calls Sam Smith A Ugly Fat, Effeminate One-Hit Wonder—And That's What He Likes About Him

Shock jock Howard Stern hit Sam Smith with some nasty labels on a recent broadcast. "You know what I like about that guy? He's an ugly mutherfucker," said Stern. "He's fat and I love it."

When Robin Quivers suggested Smith might in fact be gay (no, ya think?), Stern had this remark at the ready: "You know what, he looks gay to me. Not that anyone looks gay, but he does seem effeminate."

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While staunchly supportive of LGBT equality, the iconic radio personality isn't known for being diplomatic on the air. Or, apparently, factually correct.

"He's really good, but I feel like ["I'm Not the Only One"] will be his only hit song," noted Stern, apparently unaware that "Stay with Me" already topped the Billboard charts, and that Smith's Grammy-nominated debut, In the Lonely Hour, has gone platinum.

The singer may have caught wind of Stern's comments, as he took to Twitter with a couple of cryptic messages:

More direct was his retweet of a message from actress Bonnie Hunt:

@samsmithworld Sam, you never let all the amazing reviews go to your head, Pls never let negative remarks go to your heart. You are loved — Bonnie Hunt (@BonnieHunt_real) January 25, 2015

h/t: Attitude

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