Ireland To Gay Couples Everywhere: 'Come Get Married Here!'

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Ireland is positioning itself as a global hub for marriage equality just days after legalizing same-sex marriage by a historic and unprecedented popular vote.

A new 'Ireland says I do' campaign from Tourism Ireland welcomes tourists to come take advantage of the fact that "now everyone can get married here," and plugs The Outing, the world's "first-ever LGBT matchmaking festival" coming to Lisdoonvarna in October.

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Tourism Ireland adds:

Yes, it’s all about love in Ireland, from fun-tastic LGBT events like The Outing (the world’s first ever LGBT matchmaking festival) to some of the most romantic wedding locations on the planet.

The campaign was developed over the last year in anticipation of Ireland's "Yes" vote to marriage equality, and is currently being rolled out in nine markets, including Great Britain, the U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

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