Gorsuch Says Marriage Equality "Absolutely Settled Law," But Gets Indignant About LGBT Rights

Trump's nominee claims sharing his personal views would send a "misleading signal" to the American people.

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was grilled about LGBT rights during his confirmation hearings this week, and while the U.S. Circuit judge referred to same-sex marriage as "settled law," he refused to share his own opinion on the matter.

While being grilled by Senator Al Franken about his thoughts on marriage equality, Gorsuch declared, "It is absolutely settled law," but added that he can't share his personal views because "there is ongoing litigation about its impact and its application right now."

Earlier on Tuesday, Senator Richard Durbin asked Gorsuch about his views on LGBT people, and President Trump's nominee seemed annoyed about having to respond to the question.

"What about them?" he asked. "They're people."

When Durbin asked the nominee to give an example of a decision or statement he made that was favorable to LGBT people, Gorsuch declared that he feels all people are entitled to equal treatment under the law.

“Senator, I’ve tried to treat each case and each person as a person, not a ‘this kind of person,’ not a ‘that kind of person’ — a person," Gorsuch replied. "Equal justice under law is a radical promise in the history of mankind.”

Lambda Legal led a group of 21 LGBT rights groups in sending a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that confirmed its opposition to Gorsuch's nomination and pleaded that he undergo intense questioning about the community's rights during the confirmation hearings.

h/t: Washington Blade