16-Year-Old And His Dad Create Amazing Father-Son Makeup Portraits

"I came out of the womb with jazz hands," says Spencer Claus, who says he's blessed with super-supportive parents.

Claus beat his father's face for the gods and posted the results on social media.

"[It] was more of an inside joke just because my dad is so un-glamorous," Claus told Mic. "It started out just being funny for us but turned out to be an example of parenting done right."

Claus gave his mom a similar gift for Mother's Day, but it was his dad's picture that went viral.

He says his parents have been unwaveringly supportive of him throughout his life.

"I came out of the womb with jazz hands and, until I was 13, my mom would gently ask me once every couple months, "Do you think maybe you like boys?" he joked.

"They were trying to pry open the closet long before I even know there was a closet. Everything else—theater, school, work... they've been fantastically supportive of too."

While Claus isn't a parent himself yet, he's got some pretty sage advice on raising children.

"Parents, embracing your kid is so much easier than trying to change them," he said. "Whatever endeavors I choose, [my parents] support me whole-heartedly. Makeup was just another one of those things! So, teens, live your life; parents, help them do it. It could end up being really fun."

He's also got a great comeback for the haters.

"I get a lot of people saying that makeup isn't natural on men—my response to that is that makeup isn't natural on anyone."

Smart boy.

Below, Claus (a.k.a. Miss Carriage) poses with his drag mother Miss Fame.

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