Texas School Bans Lesbian Couple From Going To Prom Together

"[You're worried about] gang fights?! They're gay!"

Administrators at a Texas high school told two lesbians they couldn't go to prom together.

Merary Melchor, a senior at John Tyler High School, applied twice for tickets to take Sydney Aparicio, her girlfriend of more than two years and a freshman at another high school, to prom. But school officials denied Melchor's request both times, even after she obtained permission from an administrator.

They reportedly cited worries of "gang fights."

"[I asked administrators,] 'Are you discriminating against them?'" Aparicio's mother, Jessica, told East Texas Matters. "And they said, 'No, absolutely not, she can go.' They said they didn’t want any gang fights."

"[And] I said: 'Gang fights?! They’re gay! If that’s the case, you’re discriminating.'"

Merary Melchor/Facebook

Sydney added that she and Melchor had scraped together all the money they had to buy Melchor's prom dress.

"It's highly upsetting me," Sydney said.

In a statement to East Texas Matters, school officials claimed Melchor and her girlfriend missed the deadline on an application that would have allowed Sydney to attend the event.

This isn't the first time a school has barred a queer couple from attending prom: In April 2017, two lesbian teens at a Catholic high school in Florida were told they couldn't go to prom together. And last month, two gay Georgia teens were told they weren't eligible to run for prom kings at their senior prom.