Nick Jonas Debuts Second Gay Role On "Scream Queens," Is "Honored" To Represent LGBTs

We welcome the eye candy, Nick.

Nick Jonas brought his gigantic arms out to play on last night’s series premiere of Ryan Murphy’s new horror comedy Scream Queens, and he had one scene in particular that pretty much stole the entire show.

Don’t pretend like you haven’t been watching those workout scenes on a loop all morning!

Nick’s return to TV marks his second time playing a gay character in as many years, though it’s his first time playing an openly gay man. As you may recall, Nick’s acting career began on DirecTV’s Kingdom, where his character is a closeted MMA fighter struggling to accept himself.

Nick’s Scream Queens character, Boone, is a different man entirely — a preppy high schooler with a crush on his fraternity brother Chad Radwell.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 23-year-old “Levels” singer said he’s “honored” to support the LGBT community as an ally in the spotlight.

"I’ve been so honored to play some really strong gay characters," he said. "I think it’s all about being true to who you are. Whatever I can do for the community is just a blessing for me."

In the same way he once did for his character on Kingdom, Jonas revealed there’s much more to come for Scream Queens’ Boone.

"Boone is very intense. He's got a lot under the surface that you don't see at first, and it all unravels as the show goes on,” he said. “I would say get ready to be surprised by a lot of different things. In his heart of hearts, that may be who he is, but we’ll have to find out as we watch.”

When it comes to his pure sex appeal, Nick is a lot less cryptic.

"I think it might be Scream Queens," he said when asked whether he has more shirtless screen time in Kingdom or Scream Queens. "There’s a scene or two that I’m shirtless in, but in Kingdom I play a fighter too, so there is a lot. It’s a lot, it’s a lot of shirtlessness."

Thank. God.

Now back to Nick: