"Guardians of the Galaxy" Star Dave Bautista Says Homophobes "Can Suck My Balls"

The wrestler-turned-actor stands up for his lesbian mom and LGBT fans.

Actor and semi-retired wrestler Dave Bautista is not here for homophobes. In the past, he's taken on boxer Manny Pacquiao for his anti-gay comments, and now, he's happy to accept some accolades from a fan on Twitter who appreciates his support. Specifically, he's got a message for anyone who might have something to say about LGBT people, which includes his lesbian mother:

In 2008, Bautista, who is currently starring in the new Guardians of the Galaxy sequel as Drax the Destroyer, told Wrestling Deals that he "never had an issue with [his] mother’s sexuality." "She loved us, she cared for us and that’s all that mattered. She was with my dad for a small part of my life. After that, I don’t remember her having anything but girlfriends."

In his biography, Bautista Unleashed, Bautista detailed growing up in D.C. and San Francisco, when life with a single, struggling mom wasn't always so easy. "I want to be able to give my mom a good life, which she deserves," he wrote. "I don't want her to worry about bills. She struggled so hard for us when we were young. She did her best to keep me alive and out of jail and off the streets. I want to return some of that. I'll never be able to do enough for my mom."

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