"I'm A Gay Man And I Voted For Trump"

"I was told that I should just go kill myself—Just because I voted for a different person."

On Thursday, we ran a story about gay people—gay men, really—who had voted for Donald Trump and were excited he was about to become the next president of the United States.

Understandably, the article generated a lot of comments, mostly from LGBT readers who couldn't understand how a member of the community could vote for the Trump/Pence ticket.

But there were a few responses from gay men—and so far it's always been gay men—who said that they, too, voted for Trump and have been vilified for their choice.

One such reader, from Michigan, shared the following:

I'm a gay man and I voted for trump.

I did so because I know it was for the best for my country, my family, and—if you believe it or not—the gay community.

This isn't my first time just telling other gays that I voted for Trump. When I told other gays who believe the same as you, I was told I was a disgrace. I was called almost every word in the book. I was even told that I should just go kill myself.

Just because I voted for a different person than them.

I grew up as a gay teen struggling with who I was—some days, yes, actually wanting to kill myself. At the time, organizations like GLSEN and PFLAG and my schools GSA helped me.

Am I to believe that in the eyes of the gay community that the second I voted for Donald Trump my life became one that is worthless?

If that's how the gay community sees me then I might be gay but I don't want to be in your community.

His comment sparked more than 120 responses, most of which pointed out Trump's support for undoing marriage equality and Mike Pence's support for conversion therapy.

Others claimed it was white privilege that made him unable to see how others might suffer under the GOP.

A few were filled with rage.

* "F*ck you, You piece of shit. We're gonna push that fat ass of yours to the front of the line in the gas chambers. Disgusting."

* "You want so much for the boys' club to accept you? Guess what? No matter which Republican's ass you kiss, to them you are still nothing but a dirty f*ggot."

* "Racist men who like cock in them are still racists."

The Trump supporter, who we've opted not to identify, also posted a video on YouTube expressing his frustration with the LGBT community.

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