Polaroids From Set Of The Original "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Discovered On Subway Platform

It's astounding!

Vintage Polaroids from the set of 1975's The Rocky Horror Picture Show have resurfaced after being lost for years.

Brady Marter discovered them on a subway platform five years ago and uploaded the images—which includes shots of Tim Curry in and out of drag— to Collectors Weekly.

"Found these on the platform of the C train in Tribeca in 2011," wrote Marter. "They are photos of Tim Curry and the cast of Rocky Horror during the making of the film. Some have writing on the back and Frankenfurter kissed the back of one."

He thought that was the end of it, but was surprised when the Polaroids' rightful owner, Larry Viezel, responded in the comments section. Viezel revealed he'd dropped the photos and had all but forgotten about them until he stumbled upon Marter's post.

It turns out Viezel had purchased the snapshots in New Mexico and had them shipped to his office. "I was taking them home [and] a bunch fell out of my bag and I picked them up. When I got home I realized I missed one. Looks like I missed more than one!"

Viezel's office wasn't far from where Marter found the photos, he told Dangerous Minds, but Marter had moved out of the Big Apple in the intervening years.

"He was very gracious and returned them," says Viezel (above). "I was incredibly grateful. He asked if he could keep one of them—the photo of the model of the church. I was happy to oblige. The photos are now back with the rest of my collection."

Watch a 24-hour marathon of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, beginning Sunday, October 30, at 6pm on Logo.

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