Tom Daley Reveals Why His Speedos Are So Small

No complaints here.

This week's episode of The Graham Norton Show featured some Hollywood A-Listers like Jodie Foster, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, but Tom Daley also joined the movie stars on Graham's couch. The diver was there to discuss the upcoming Olympic games and his new swimsuit-or lack thereof.

When the new Team Britain 2016 Olympics suits were unveiled earlier this year, Daley's official speedo seemed even smaller than usual:

Norton brought out one of the speedos while Daley was on the show, asking him why they had to be so tiny.

“Well everything has to stay in place. If you’re spinning around the last thing you want to do is have something come out of place," Daley explained. "And when you hit the water you don’t want things flapping about because it would hurt.”

The British chat show host doesn't stop there. He asked Daley more speedo questions, including what happens if he gets excited on the diving board in his tiny suit.

Check out Daley's answers in the video below:

h/y: Towleroad

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