Mexican Singer Alejandro Fernández Spotted In Gay Club

A photo taken at the club shows the star shirtless with two men.

A photograph of popular Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández hanging out at a well-known Las Vegas gay establishment went viral over the weekend when it was shared by a Mexican LGBTQ magazine.

The image shows a disheveled "El Potrillo," as he's known to fans worldwide, drunk and shirtless in between a pair of handsome studs at the Encore Beach Club.

While many publications are presenting the photo as evidence of the "fact" that Fernández is gay, other tabloids have said that the singer was merely there to celebrate both the bachelor party and 33rd birthday party of longtime friend Alejandro Valladares.

The sources report that the image came about after two fans asked if they could take a photograph with Fernández. The singer allegedly said yes, took off his shirt, and posed with the admirers.

In spite of the homophobic flack he's received on social media since the image was posted, the singer himself is taking it all in stride.

Yesterday, he shared a photoshopped version on his Instagram, which shows his shirtless torso covered by a tuxedo along with the caption, "What happens in Vegas stays in Google."


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h/t: Latin Times