Man Dies During Penis Enlargement Surgery

The procedure caused the young patient to have a heart attack on the operating table.

A Swedish man looking to enlarge his manhood died while undergoing penis enlargement surgery in Stockholm.

The healthy 30-year-old was taking part in a procedure that transferred fat from his stomach to his penis in order to increase its girth and length.

According to the Journal of Forensic Sciences, the fat leaked into his veins during the enlargement process and traveled to his lungs, rupturing his blood vessels.

The patient, who had no prior heart problems, went into cardiac arrest on the operating table. Doctors attempted to perform CPR, but the man died two hours later.

Although patients receiving butt lifts have died from the same condition, the study reports that this marks the first case in which a seemingly safe procedure caused a healthy young man to die.

Doctors explained that the fatal problem was likely due to surgeons loosening the ligament and injecting fat into the penis shaft at the same time.

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