"G.I. Joe" Gets Sensual Makeover With New Homoerotic Variant Cover

"I wanted to depict them grappling, getting really physical—gritty and sweaty."

Fans may be in for a sexy surprise when they pick up a copy of the upcoming G.I. Joe #7, as queer artist Ed Luce turned the familiar franchise on its head with a homoerotic variant cover.

The Dreadnoks are featured in the middle of a highly physical wrestling match on the new cover, which G.I. Joe writer Aubrey Sitterson called one of his "absolute favorites" of all time.

G.I.Joe/Ed Luce

Luce spoke to Bleeding Cool recently about his inspiration for the cover, saying it was fun to find a balance between homoeroticism and "playing it 'straight.'"

"I started to play with the entangling of bodies, capturing the violence, but in a sensual kind of way," he said. "So the hooking of limbs, some of the positions, are deliberately suggestive."

"I’ve always been bothered by how manscaped these hyper-masculine dudes have been," Luce added, "so I made sure several of the combatants were extra furry."

IDW, the comic book publisher behind the current G.I. Joe series, is no stranger to queer content. The group teamed up with DC Comics last year to produce a special 144-page graphic novel called Love Is Love that honored the victims and families of the Pulse nightclub attack.

Bleeding Cool reports that the final order cutoff for this issue is June 12, so today is the last chance to secure a copy of the variant cover at your local comic book store before the issue is officially released on July 5.

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